Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hold the applause while we get some answers

Man, a lot of people seem quite sure about how what is going on in Middle East and where it is going.

I understand the reason for the concern and pessimism. Some smart people have even now figured out that we are in a world-wide conflict with Islamic militants.

Long-term, I remain optimistic. I said, long-term. For the foreseeable future, I think we are in for a long struggle, with some tough days ahead.

But I have thought this for a long time. It helps not to be too smart.

For the unthinkable becomes reality by the day.

We are truly living in extraordinary times. Consider:

The Arab League disapproves of the actions of Hezbollah, while Israeli bombs are falling on these Muslim terrorists. This is a positive development for sure, maybe even incredible on the surface.

But it appears for now that the fear of the Iranian/Shi'a advances in the region trumps the natural anti-Semitism of the Arab League.

The Arab League is dominated by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, et al., that is, nations where Sunni Muslims are the majority. Upon examination of the Muslim world, one finds that Muslim sects often have as little regard for each other than they do for the infidels and Jews. Thus, the Sunni majority congregates in overwhelming numbers in their corners of the Muslim world, and the Shi'a minority congregates in their corner of the Muslim world, with the largest number in Iran. Thus, it takes geo-political carpentry for places like Iraq to work.

The same thing would have been required in Europe ... in the Middle Ages.

More interesting than the Arab League's de facto siding with Israel against Hezbollah is its silence while the Israelis are hammering the Palestinians in Gaza. Here, we have Arabs under attack, and predominantly Sunnis, too. Maybe there's just a Palestinian exception for regarding the Sunni Muslim brothers. Who knows?

All of this is remarkable, because Muslims have in recent history consistently banded together to fight the outside non-believing forces, in particular the Jews.

So, maybe there is hope that Arab nations are moving toward deligitimizing all forms of jihadism, even against Israel.

Still, given the backward nature of many of these countries and the hateful rhetoric routinely taught to the next generation in their woeful schools, I think we might still hold the applause.

We should at least give them a few weeks, or maybe months, to see if they've joined the same century as the rest of the world.