Friday, July 07, 2006

He looks like Nixon, so he can't be all bad

It appears the the leftist has been defeated in Mexico. Felipe Calderon has narrowly won.

This is good to see. If the leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador had won, we would have surely been treated to endless coverage over the summer (and leading into our own elections) about how Pres. Bush has turned the entire hemisphere against us, with Chavez entrenched in Venezuela and leftists gaining power in Bolivia.

A troubling development in the Mexican election, though, is that Obrador will apparently seek to follow the example of Al Gore and contest the election.

As if we needed any more reminders, this is another reason why the Democrats can never be trusted with power.

Now, the world follows their example. I mean, if the U.S. cries foul over a narrow election loss and throws the country into turmoil, then why not the world? In days gone by, the U.S. could have said with some moral authority: Accept the results and move on. Now, to do so, we would be considered hypocrites.

This reminds me of what we call the "Rule of 100" at my house. That is, if a parent makes a little merry in front of the kids and say, does something "unparentlike", such as ... oh, a belch at the table ... well, you can count on 100 or so of those by the kids for every one misstep by the parents.

Similarly, we assured all manner of foolishness by the world when we lost our way and engaged in endless recounts (all of which are lost but the insanity continued virtually unabated).

And to those internationalists, Mexicans, and the like who are offended by my parent-child illustration, be quiet. You know it's true.

And eat your peas.

And the rest of you Americans, vote Republican.