Thursday, June 08, 2006

What does Zarqawi's exit mean?

Well, nothing good for the bad guys, that's for sure. Note how the Demos and their more honest lefty friends are behaving in the wake of this unabashedly good news and remember ... remember ... that they must never, never be allowed to have power as long as America is threatened.

So, what does Zarqawi getting nailed mean? The president said this a.m. that it "may signal that the tide has turned" in Iraq.

As for me, I think what all of this means is that the tide turned in Iraq some time ago. This explains the ferocity of the media pressure to "redeploy" from Iraq, before the evidence of victory became plain.

The WH is smart to play down events and to note that we will face continuing battles in Iraq, but make no mistake: The tide has turned.

U.S. casualties have been falling for some time. Foreign intelligence agencies (including Jordan's) have been helping us with Zarqawi and his jihadi allies. Iraqis have been providing more intel. An Iraqi government is now fully in place. Attacks by the enemy have been increasingly focused on Iraqis, and on civilians, as opposed to the military and police.

All of this indicates progress. And a lot of this progress helped pave the way for Zarqawi's demise, which is a huge, crippling blow to the jihadis in Iraq. Without free-thinking westerners in their ranks, jihadis don't adapt well to losses up the chain of command.

This is one reason why they strap the suicide belts on the snuffies.

There are many people to thank and credit for the Zarqawi strike. But make no mistake: Ultimately, Americans made this happen. More specifically, our military and intelligence people did it. They are the finest in the world, indeed, the finest of all time.

It's a great day.

The tide turned, some time back, on some day that we couldn't fully identify or comprehend. I guess it's hard to do so when the MSM/Demos/Left/same thing is wailing every day about how awful everything is in Iraq.

But the tide nonetheless turned, some time back.

Today, we see clear evidence of it.