Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Two Years of Clearing Ideological Landing Zones

Daisy Cutter turns two today. I think back to remember that it all began with this humble, giddy little post.

Two years is a while in the blogging world. A lot happens in a year, even though I don't post every day.

You'll remember that last year, I looked back with this post.

This year, I thought I might just pass on a retrospective. But I went through the archives and changed my mind.

What is this place? What has happened here for the last year? A lot.
The most significant thing was the passing of Nickie Goomba. Looking back over the archives, I was struck all over again by how much fun we had and also how much Nick contributed here and to the blogosphere in general. I miss Nickie.

And as we said when he passed on, the world continued to turn. And he would have wanted us to keep up the fight and the fun. And so, I have pressed on, through wind and rain. And, in the spirit of Goomba, our CNN (Cutter Network News) staffers turned up a gem when they learned of CIA operatives posing as Iraqis that were taunting MSM reporters.

Immigration has been and remains a hot topic, in the nation and here. I've told you my thoughts on how, in this regard, some things are not negotiable, and that U.S. citizenship is the international gold standard.

Daisy Cutter touches on matters of faith, and yes, I do note the irony. I will continue to tell the truth about Militant Islam. I have and will talk about my faith, too, and let me just say that they still haven't found the body.

There's has been a fair amount of armchair philosophy around here, too, as we have probed the great mysteries of life, such as just what is a leftist, any way? And ... will the first person to find the penumbra in the Constitution please clue the rest of us mortals in.

I mean, I understand what a nation is, but penumbras?

And maybe because I understand what a nation is, I also understand the evil that is a political prosecution.

And speaking of philosophy, I was touched that a Ranger contacted me to let me know he appreciated my argument debunking leftist's We support the troops but not the war" nonsense.

Still, I think the most significant contribution of the blogosphere in the last year was in bringing to light the disaster of the Supreme Court nomination that would have been: Harriet Miers. Hugh Hewitt liked and linked this post. But Hugh and the other Miers supporters didn't like the myriad on-point arguments that were eventually made that Miers should withdraw. I am proud to have been part of the crowd who got this one right, although I don't know how I became an East Coast elitist in the process. Not only were the Miers supporters wrong that the sky didn't fall, but we got a real conservative on the Court in Sam Alito. He has been and is going to be fantastic.

Since the MSM doesn't and can't understand what smart guys like Alito are talking about, we discussed here what his abortion-related opinions really mean. They mean that Alito is pro-life and he is pro-Constituion. He'll be great.

My prediction (or was it a mere hope?) that Edith Jones would be Pres. Bush's pick for the first S.C. vacancy was wrong, but I was thrilled with the prospects of a Chief Justice Roberts, even before his appointment to succeed the late William Rehnquist.

So, let's see ... We've done war, law, philosophy, faith, what else?

Oh, yeah. Sports. The universe returned to its normal order, and the Longhorns smote the evil and haughty Southern Californians in their back yard. And ... the universe arrived at an order never-before seen, as the Astros persevered and ultimately got up off the deck to to make it to their first World Series. Unfortunately, they were broomed by the Sox in a series of excruciating, narrow losses.

And I ran a vicious hit piece on soccer, exposing it as a non-sport. Mark, who observed that "Any nation that has soccer as its national sport is doomed to failure" and "The only kids who go out for the soccer team got cut from the football team" was promoted to Daisy Cutter Sports Editor, with the proviso that he not use his post to promote his Buckeyes at the expense of my (and the Lord's) Longhorns.

Yes, we have had and will continue to have some fun around here, especially if some unsuspecting libs will wander inside the wire. We have some great commenter-regulars, and I would be remiss to not thank Rhod, Mark, and KHix, especially. Recall our first and last comment-of-the-year contest. Too much work. But I continue to note and appreciate all of your tremendous commentary and contributions to this blog. As I have said before, a lot of the great stuff that happens here happens "below the fold". Never underestimate your contributions.

So, thank you all for your time and attention. The most precious resource that any person has is his or her time. If you have any questions for me, you can send 'em in or wait until the next presser.

More than your contributions here, I appreciate the love of this land of this site's regular readers. You have put it on the line personally, both on the field of battle and in many other ways, and now your children are doing the same. You will always have my deepest appreciation, and respect. I hope both my children and I follow your example.

And on that note, I was reminded again recently about some of the great things that have happened in the last two years. I received an email from a long-ago election season reader and fellow blogger, Gaye Hager, this week. Like Rhod's boys, Gaye's son is off to Iraq. He again leaves behind a wife and two children. It is his second tour there. Godspeed, young man. I am praying for you, Rhod's sons, and every American troop everywhere. You are the best, and we love you.

Here, we will always remember that, as Zell Miller said, we are free not because of the journalist, but because of the soldier.

And I will continue to remember the special gift, that precious endowment from our Creator, that is American independence.

And this reminds me ... See you on Independence Day, for a stemwinder of a sermon, er speech, er post.