Monday, June 12, 2006

"Evidence accumulates of a hoax in Haditha."

The chilling title of this post is the opening sentence in an excellent column that I learned about via Rush on Friday.

I have held my fire on what actually happened in Haditha thus far, principally for a couple of reasons: 1) I have confidence that the Marine Corps will get it right; and 2) even if Marines made tragic errors, my basic views on the war in Iraq and against jihadis in general remains the same.

I must say, though, that I have had my doubts about this story from the outset. And now it looks to be unraveling. In taking a look at the American Thinker piece, I was struck with how much the allegations of wrongdoing by the Marines hinges upon the testimony of Sunnis in Haditha. This is like expecting George Soros to give a fair accounting of the Bush Administration.

There's a reason that Zarqawi's hideout that we knocked in on him was located in the heart of the Sunni Triangle. And there's a reason that a Sunni claimed that Zarqawi was "beaten to death" after the bombing. And the MSM dutifully reported this accusation, without even identifying the obvious reasons to distrust the source ... or how about even identifying the source?! Do we see a pattern here?

Maybe some of the Marines are guilty of exceeding their rules of engagement. Frankly, based upon what I have read thus far, I have a hard time believing this.

Clarice Feldman's piece in The American Thinker compiles information provided by Sweetness & Light, which has done a superb in tracking the Haditha story. Sweetness is a fantastic blog, and I will be checking in regularly over there.

Also, my ol' pal Dan Riehl is doing yeoman's work on this issue, as well.

If the MSM, in particular Time, has gotten this story wrong, they need to be held accountable. These Marines aren't public figures.

How much does Hell charge, any way? Because some reporters may have to pay it.