Saturday, June 03, 2006

Congressional D-Day

I want to draw your attention to an important ... indeed, a very important ... congressional race.

On Tuesday, Republican Brian Bilbray is running to fill the seat vacated by Randy "Duke" Cunningham in California's 50th District. Check out the link to his site and you'll see why I think he deserves the unqualified support from all Americans who care about securing our border.

His opponent is a liberal Democrat who thinks McCain's immigration bill in the Senate is a "tough, comprehensive plan".

If that isn't enough, about all you need to know here is that McCain cancelled an appearance with Bilbray last week over immigration differences.

This race, which polls show is very tight, could very well set the tone for the immigration debate for the rest of the year and leading into the fall elections. It will also determine if the Democrats gain any momentum in taking over Congress, surrendering to the jihadis, turning you upside down and shaking every last coin out of your pocket, trying Pres. Bush for high crimes, etc.

It's very important, and I think Brian Bilbray is a worthy candidate to get behind. So, check him out and send some money, if you are so inclined. I did.

See you Tuesday.

Update: Mark pointed this out in the comments and I later saw the news story ... Incredibly, Busby, Bilbray's Demo opponent, told a town hall meeting jammed with Latinos that "You don't need papers to vote", proving again the existence of God and the true identity of the Demos. Their blind lust for power that will lead them to do anything, virtually anything to get and retain power.

And oh ... oh ... (remember Horshack, this is kinda the feeling I am having now), Busby was campaiging on an ethics theme, and now we find out she's advocating, as Bilbray said, "at worst illegals voting, and at best illegals helping in her campaign." Very nice.

Thank God for letting us get a glimpse of her. And the gem is on tape, too, as apparently a Minuteman was in the crowd and has now slipped the tape to talk radio. This is too beautiful. So, as I said above, Brian Bilbray deserves the support of voters in this crucial election. Busby just reminded us why.