Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The trouble with this blogging deal is ...

There's too much going on whilst one attempts to work, etc. ... to do proper justice to all these topics.

It's hard to zero in some days, especially when there is so much funny stuff happening.

For instance, what about the case/investigation/ordeal of Demo Rep. William "Clinton" Jefferson of Louisiana, you know, the guy the Feds have been investigating for taking bribes? Of course, since you read here, you've heard that the feds found 90 grand in cash in his freezer. But "Clinton" says he was doing something for the kids in his district. Man. I heard some one somewhere saying that Jefferson was making "cashcicles". Oh, gosh, here come the giggles. Hang on. But wait, it's better. Now, it seems that Republicans are complaining about the feds' investigation of the congressman on the basis of "separation of powers", whilst the Daily Kos calls for Jefferson's resignation. Personally, I think "Clinton" Jefferson should stand on principle and take this thing to the mat.

Can you imagine the Goomba News Network covering the "Clinton" affair? Speaking of which, GNN will be making a comeback, it appears. Maria authorized the assembling of several conservative bloggers to keep GNN running. They've got big shoes to fill. I will be watching carefully and rooting for them.

Also in the news ... The blogs are abuzz with the outing of a fake Iraq War veteran-turned-war-protester Jessie MacBeth (strangely, the MSM doesn't seem interested). Apparently, the photo of the miscreant revealed a "uniform" that was clearly fake. C'mon Jess ... You can wear burmuda shorts with your Service "A"s past a group of leftists and no one will notice. But if you're going to try and market your bilge to ordinary Americans (many of whom know what a military uniform looks like) you at least ought to do a little research.

Man, Demos/Leftists/Same Things are stepping in it over the place. What's going on? But wait. There's one more.

It seems that John Kerry has flip-flopped again, this time on a border fence. Check out the definitive fair and balanced report by The Filthy One. Apparently, Kerry wants the border fence approved by the Senate to be temporary. Yes, this is apparently true. Kerry wants the fence to come down once there are enough people to guard the border. Oh, man. He is for it, but he also promises to be against it.

Never underestimate the power of unintended humor.

If Kerry gets the nomination for the Demos in '08 (about as likely as Gary Bauer sweeping to the Republican nomination), I want you to close your eyes and imagine how much fun we would have at this here blog. Ah, dream over.

Back to real life and pounding rocks.