Monday, May 08, 2006

Moose to U.S.: You still lost, but I lied, you see. Now, I promise to tell the truth if you'll give me another trial.

Moussaoui wants a new trial? One wonders if he's met his new cell-mate (Bubba) yet.

Reportedly, Moussaoui says that he lied in his sentencing hearing about his involvement with 9/11 because he didn't think he could be a fair trial. So, if I understand correctly, he was gaming our judicial system (trying to bait the jury into giving death) and since he saw they didn't have the stomach for it, now he wants to go for the "big enchilada" on the merits.

I say, this is more iron-clad proof of the folly of using the judicial system to fight a war.

However ... maybe we could get the O.J. jury back together and get death for Moussaoui. Remember, this bunch thought that perjury by Mark Furman was worse than cold-blooded murder of two people. Maybe we could get some perjury outrage out of them and then give Moussaoui death on the second go-round? Maybe not.

Or ... maybe we just tell Moussaoui that we lied, and he is actually now sentenced to death.

Or ... we could just ship him to the Texas county of his choice for trial.

Or ... maybe we just take to fighting jihadis from now on rather than giving them lawyers.