Friday, May 05, 2006

Holy Boot Camp Drop Out, Bat Man! First Zarqawi holds the weapon like he's a kid in the backyard playing cowboys and Indians. Then he can't clear the weapon when it jams. Then some one apparently clues him in that he's supposed to put the stock in his shoulder. So, then he kills some sand.

Then ... then ... al-Dude walks off sporting New Balance tennies. Oh, my. Oh, how the mighty Jihadi Warrior has fallen.

And ... did one of his "bodyguards" goof and grab the barrel of the machine gun after Zarq did a hit on the sand. "Yikes. Al-Damn. Er, praise Allah. That thing's a mite hot."

What a bunch of cowardly morons. Weenies. But remember ... if you criticize the size of their manhood, they will ride to the sound of your guns.

Thank you, Lord, for enemies like these.