Monday, May 01, 2006

A Day Without DC

I see we have a "Day Without Immigrants" planned for today. This is interesting. First off, these people are largely not immigrants. Most are not here to assimilate, learn the language, respect our culture, and stay. Most are here simply to work and take what they can, usually back to their home country. They simply want to get theirs in the United States of Meal Tickets.

These are not immigrants. These are "illegals seeking benefits". If the left and the overly sensitive/McCain crowd don't appreciate "illegal alien" (which is absolutely accurate), then how about "illegals seeking benefits"? It seems accurate and appropriate. If they're not seeking benefits, then how about we agree they don't get any? I suspect this won't work.

It is strange indeed to watch the Chamber of Commerce and the Left suddenly find common ground on this issue -- their borderless self-interest. For most of us, it's frustrating to see this nation treated like a cafeteria.

So, I say, let these "illegals seeking benefits" walk off the job, school, etc. ... and arrest and deport them. No, we can't ship out all those who are here illegally, I understand. But maybe we can get the militants.

And further in response to the "Day without Illegals Seeking Benefits", I am going to up the ante. Yes, I am going to bring the MOAB: A "Day without DC" tomorrow. That'll teach 'em.