Friday, May 12, 2006

Ann Coulter does it again, in her own, inimitable way.

In deriding conservatives for their tentativeness in aggressively taking on domestic foes, Ann makes a larger point about how the post-modern left has made boiled frogs of would-be culture defenders. Indeed, the whole culture seems infected with an inability to both identify evil and to then act against it.

When relativistic, post-modern thinking gains a secure foothold, every type of insanity and injustice becomes not only possible but plausible ... yes, even reasonable ... no, encouraged.

Using the Yale Taliban as an example of this problem, here is how Ann puts it:
Patriotic Americans don't have to become dangerous psychotics like liberals, but they could at least act like men.

Why hasn't the former spokesman for the Taliban matriculating at Yale been beaten even more senseless than he already is? According to Hollywood, this nation is a cauldron of ethnic hatreds positively brimming with violent skinheads. Where are the skinheads when you need them? What does a girl have to do to get an angry, club- and torch-wielding mob on its feet?

There is not the remotest possibility that a man who was recently defending shooting women in the head for wearing nail polish will so much as be snubbed on the Yale campus.

The only violence on college campuses these days occurs when people like David Horowitz, Michelle Malkin and me show up to give a speech in defense of America. Then we need bomb-sniffing dogs and a lecture hall lined with armed police. But a Talibanist goes about his day at Yale unmolested.