Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?


Al-Zarqawi and Bin Laden return. So, I return.

Got a kick out of the latest film from Zarqawi, featuring his "holy warriors" walking around, brandishing weapons in the desert ... improperly firing said weapons ... looking like complete asses who would scatter at the sound of a paper bag popping. Sigh. Such videos remind me that these miscreants are not only unholy, but they are also "unwarriors".

And ... I note that Zarqawi and OBL are putting out new films nearly simultaneously. So, what gives? These guys usually don't fire up their production companies when things are going well.

It seems that the impending formation of the Iraqi "stooge" government is of some concern to the cave dwellers. But, as for me, let's just say that worse things can be said about the Iraqi government than that it is an American "stooge".

I mean, how about we get new governments in Iran and Syria? And then ... yes, we could have the "three stooges" of the Middle East. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.

But seriously, note how Zarqawi seems to be on the same page as the DNC. He references "suicides, drug-taking and mutinies" in our military. Still, I thought Zarqawi was talking about his jihadis who were smoked out and took the "down" elevator out of Fallujah. But no ... he was, of course, making the case that we are beaten, on an impossible mission, "over-extended", etc. Sound familiar?

Zarqawi's gushing about "mutinies" is evidently a reference to the backstabbing of Sec. Rumsfeld underway by a number of retired generals with Demo sympathies.

Here we go again. When you can't tell if it's Ted Kennedy or Zarqawi, we've got a big problem.

If those generals really had the problems they claimed, then they should have fallen on their swords and resigned their commissions when they had the chance. It's called honor.

Now, these wayward generals are starring in the latest feature film by Iraq's Jihadi-in-Chief.

Congratulations, gentlemen.