Friday, April 07, 2006

TLTLA Strikes Again, Producing Painted Ordure

Lots of Republicans voted for it. And Harry Reid says it can pass. So, all is good, right?

No, it's painted ordure.

The Senate's guest worker-no enforcement plan is more of the same. The Senate plan would still provide "guest worker" status to illegals with only a promise of enforcement. Plus, lawbreakers can get on "the path to citizenship".

Something stinks in here.

Just how bad is it? President Bush is mistakenly on board. Well, he got on the train he wanted to get on, but it's going the wrong way. And it's going to a very bad place. Even Hugh "the President is never wrong" Hewitt thinks its very bad. Wow.

It really is very bad.

Yesterday's sordid episode in the Senate validates much of the frustration with the political approach to this issue. Illegal aliens present a most difficult political problem because of the marriage of transnational business interests and the Left. And both of these coalition partners pursue policies, unwittingly or not, that would cause America as we know it to cease to exist.

The TLTLA (Transnational-Leftist Tassle-Loafer Alliance) has a number of ears in the Senate ... ears of the likes of McCain, Reid, Frist, Kennedy, Specter, Lieberman, Graham, et al.

What to do? Well, contact and encourage senators like mine -- John Cornyn -- to stop the bill in the Senate. And encourage the House to hold firm and kill the bill.

I think it's DOA. So, where do we go? It will be interesting to see if we get a bill this year or not. Odds are we won't. But we might. We'll see how hot it gets this summer.

This fall, it should be very hot for all in the Senate who are trying slip this one in the nation's political punch bowl. They think they are above the fray and out of the reach of the voters.

Well, hang on. Upon closer examination, it does appear that those Republicans and Red State Demos up in 2006 are not leading the charge on this one. Hmmm.

The TLTLA doesn't get it. The illegals flooding our borders aren't immigrants. They are not, for the most part, coming here to assimilate and make America their home. No, they're coming here mostly for a job ... and illegally. They are keeping their native culture and language. This is not immigration. It is thievery of American resources. And those Americans who assist illegals in this endeavor are driving the getaway car.

The majority of Americans believe, as I do, the following: If you come here legally, work hard, and want to become an American, then welcome. But if you come here illegally and do not assimilate into the U.S.A., then beat it.

For those frustrated, as I am, with the type of shenanigans we saw in the Senate yesterday, I would like to offer the following encouraging, albeit philosophical, words:

A nation is not its government. A nation has a government.

A nation is a group of people, with a common border, culture, and government.

The nation's border and culture are under assault by the illegal "immigration" crisis, and the government is stalled ... for the moment.

A nation is not its government. A nation is its people. The people get what is at stake.

Let's hear it for -- and from -- the people.