Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Rising from the ashes ...

of my office after tax day, I return. Still, the feds have wounded me ... and I only filed an extension and a 1040-ES. Still, fat checks were written, torn out and mailed.

The tax gods, apparently angry that their high holy day of April 15 was delayed for two days, speaketh. And their message to me: Jesus may have conquered the grave, but the IRS owns America.

I humbly submit the following couple of things that would dramatically change the country for the better:

1) Tax day no more than two weeks before Election Day; and

2) End withholding.

Being self-employed, I am accustomed to writing the IRS sizeable checks every quarter and then sweating it out to see if I can avoid writing another one in April.

I wonder what my countrymen would think if they all had to do the same. I bet they would cut my taxes along with theirs. Like I bet our elected representatives would cut taxes if tax day was just before Election Day.

Our tax system is broken, but there are many interests making money off of this delapidated mess. So, we go on wasting time and money complying with it. Meanwhile, the multitude of frogs getting boiled in the pot do not realize they are on the menu. I guess part of the problem is that there are fewer frogs in the pot.

At any rate, it is clear that the feds make this process as painful as possible for those of us who are at the plow instead of in the pot.

But at any rate, my titanic annual struggle with the IRS has taken it out of me. I am leaving town to watch my son play baseball for a few days to recuperate.

So, carry on.