Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Red, White & Upbeat

The upcoming movie United 93 completely snuck up on me. It debuts in theaters on April 28.

You may have seen the trailer that has the internet buzzing, but if not, here it is. Watching it took me back. I remember, but still the memory fades.

We understandably bemoan how people could forget 9/11. Just how could the memory fade? We are fallible humans, that's how. We need reminders of even important things.

United 93 reminds us of important things.

Take some time to peruse the film's site. The director's statement contains this powerfully telling passage:
... The terrible dilemma those passengers faced is the same we have been struggling with ever since. Do we sit passively and hope this turns out okay? Or do we fight back and strike at them before they strike at us? And what will be the consequences if do? ...
While intrigued and moved by the heroism of the ordinary Americans aboard United 93, I had never quite seen them as quite the microcosm of post-9/11 America that they were and are.

With this film, now we'll all see just that.

What an incredible and beautiful thing that ordinary people from various walks of life, professions, and faiths would become an impromptu, cohesive fighting unit on the front lines with evil.

This is amazing, but it's what Americans do ... over and over again. Where do we find such people? Realizing they are most certainly doomed but also that their nation is in peril, they rush and defeat the enemy that they can reach.

Americans are creative and daring. They routinely shock and overwhelm adversaries who have prematurely and mistakenly counted them out.

Flight 93 is Exhibit A of this.

America's heart of freedom, courage, and faith makes a strong national cord indeed. Yet we only see the full measure of this strength when the nation is suspended above the fiery pit of overwhelming danger, doubt and despair.

We rightly praise and revere our military for their gallantry since 9/11. These troops come from the nation's ingenious, brave, and faithful heart -- a heart that was beating strongly on Flight 93.