Friday, March 10, 2006

You know I get asked all the time ...

Just how do you do it? Just how do you keep this from becoming a bitter right-wing site?

To which I bitterly and disappointingly respond, "I thought it was."

But seriously, there are lots of reasons for pessimism in the news. You don't have to look hard. We could get bitter and mad. But hey, then we'd be on our way to being Leftists, would we not?

Ultimately, I stay on a fairly even keel because of the demonstrable but true (wishing the world is flat doesn't make it so) and the not so demonstrable but still true (God lives and reigns).

So, even when Pres. Bush's popularity hits a new low and the MSM continues to breathlessly report all that's wrong, but nothing that's right, in Iraq ... even as demagoguery in D.C. (not here, in Washington) reaches levels where it actually stands out from the norm ... still, we press on.

Why? Well, for one thing, although I remain a steadfast supporter of Pres. Bush, my world hardly begins and ends with his political fortunes. Fundamentally, the square pegs still don't fit the round holes and there is still a good portion of the people who know this. And in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, ultimately is the people ... it's us ... who keep it going. Enemies are defeated by the Brave (not cowering politicians) and obstacles overcome by the Free (not the monolithic, slavish MSM).

And speaking of "doom and gloom", did you notice (you probably didn't because the MSM is still crying) that Tom Delay easily won his primary challenge here in Texas? This was supposed to be the year he went down. People don't buy it. He will win reelection and go back to D.C. as one of the few Republicans who won't shrink from the Demos and tell the American public what they are.

Across Texas you can see it. You can see it in South Dakota, too. I am shocked to find that the public in that state is evenly divided over an anti-abortion measure that I personally believe goes too far at this time. I respect the principle behind it and would, push come to shove, support it, but ... still it seeks to turn a ship around so fast as to capsize it. I think there is a better way to advance the pro-life ball, but still half of S.D. supports it. What does that say? There is broad support for what the Left routinely characterizes as unthinking and unthinkable.

Bottom line: The Demo/Left/same things continue to put all their eggs in the Bush basket, and he's not on the ballot in November. It is a bit ironic and funny, too, that just when Bush finally looks vulnerable, the Demos still can't beat him. More conclusive proof of the existence of Rove's Hack-o-tron ... as if stealing two consecutive presidential elections wasn't proof enough.

Virtually everywhere that Republicans have problems nationally, it is because of scandal, or not being perceived as conservative enough. Think about it ... the ports deal, immigration, spending, etc.

Case in point: The President's numbers have fallen principally because of the UAE port deal. I don't agree that it's a bad deal, but there's a lot of grandstanding going on and it's worked. I chuckled to see the House Republicans stealing the campaign baton from the Demos in handing off their own amendment to block the deal. It's the Republicans by a nose on the ports deal!! And thieves are estopped from crying theft. So, be quiet Demos! Yes, it's good to have your own salesmen and lawyers, in case you ever need 'em, I guess.

People are rightfully focused on national security. Yet, Democrats are a generation behind on this issue. And they won't make it up in a year. They can't. They won't ever. Why? Defending this nation vigorously runs contrary to their base's deeply-held post-modern faith. It can't be done. They must abandon their religion, or worse, become Republicans themselves.

The issues in this long slog with Militant Islam are on the side of those whose faith is not vitiated by standing up for Western Civilization and defending America.

And for the Demos ... because of their faith, all they can do is fake. People notice. Remember: Given the choice between Republicans and politicians acting like Republicans, people will choose the real thing every time. The reverse is true, as well, and the Republicans would do well to remember this.

And ... and ... even if the Demos were to make gains or retake either the House or Senate this fall (I don't think they will retake either) we are still looking at only a "political market correction", so to speak. They are the square pegs that they are.

In sum, to the extent the Republicans are in trouble it is only because they are out of step with a public that continues to get it more and more on national security. Or we have the political equivalent of a "fumble", a scandal that presents the opposition with an opportunity.

Americans don't want to play Patty Cake. I mean, if we are going to play Patty Cake (like we did in the 90s) then we can just elect the Demos to do that.

So, fret not. The public is ahead of its politicians, per usual. Americans are smart. And good.

Have a good weekend, everybody.