Wednesday, March 29, 2006

In the news ...

Migrating Thoughts

You know, the principal problem with the Senate immigration proposal as I see it is that lawbreakers can stay here and be "on the road to citizenship". If illegals were forced to return or undergo some process to equalize the playing field with those who go through normal legal channels, then we might be getting somewhere. However, there seems to be an unholy alliance between mega-business and mega-liberals at work. One wants to build wealth for itself, the country be damned. The other wants to import constituents, the country be damned.

It's a conundrum, for sure. These interests surely have plenty of representatives in D.C. For all the hand-wringing about Republicans (and this is not to say that some of this angst is most deserved, i.e., that directed at McCain and his ilk), it will be conservative Republicans who take down proposals for amnesty.

Every Demo on the Senate Judiciary Committee voted for the Senate bill.

Remember, people with a hankering for a perfect church should stay away from Washington.

Finally, I note that students are supporting "immigration rights" by breaking the law, i.e., playing hookie. And we have councilmembers here in Houston applauding their passion. Surprise. No respect for the law by those who advocate continued disrespect for American laws.

French Authorities Determine no Germans in Crowd; Fire on Protesters, Use Cannons

Okay, so they fired paintballs and used water cannons. You know it must be serious. And no, I am not kidding. All of this to protest a proposal that make it easer for employers to fire people under 26. France sounds like a great country ... for late-night comic material. Nightly fires and riots. Militant immigrants demanding that the culture be remade. Economic disaster. Cultural rot. Never forget: This is what leftists here want America to look like.

Thoughts and Prayers with Sharon Stone

Finally, on a sad note, it appears that the lovely Sharon Stone has gone blind, or is she suffering from dementia? You be the judge.