Friday, March 31, 2006

"I am an American jurist."

The picture above reminds me of our departed, but not forgotten blog-friend Goomba. Oh, what fun the Goomba News Network would have with this one.

Just so we are clear, the Boston Herald wants full credit for that marvelous photograph. Credit given. And in case you haven't heard about the flap, Justice Antonin Scalia (pictured above) made an Italian hand gesture at a nosy Boston Herald reporter/photographer when he was coming out of mass. The reporter went nuts and said that Scalia was flipping him off.

Scalia then wrote a letter to the editor in which he pricelessly asserted that the Herald's reporters are watching too many Sopranos episodes. Always faithful reader Mark was kind enough to email me Scalia's letter to the editor. It's vintage Scalia.

The hapless Herald, though, is hot on the trail. Yesterday, it posted this sizzling story. Note that the Herald gushed how this was a "growing national controversy". Note, too, how offended the Herald is that Scalia's gesture was "inside the Cathedral of the Holy Cross". Oh, please. I mean, how did these vampires even get inside there to take the picture ... and in broad daylight?

Really, it sounds like the high school paper staff got a hold of the Herald's computers. What's next? No meat loaf on Thursdays? The horrah. The mashed potato lady spit in the gravy? Move her to peas.

These people are unequivocally morons.

Unfortunately, more people don't know about this episode. Otherwise, Scalia might get to rock star status. He apparently didn't do "the deed". Frankly, I am disappointed. Can you imagine a picture of Justice Scalia on the front of the NY Times flipping off some reporter? He coulda been a contendah.

But some might think he did in fact do it, so he gets credit for doing "the deed". But no "punishment". It's plausible deniability of an act that most normal people would love to do. Great stuff.

Scalia for president. And cheers to Goomba, wherever you are.

Have a great weekend, every one.

Update: Successful hit by Don Scalia on mischievous photographer. The Herald's morning edition is set to report that Scalia phoned the Pope himself to get authority for the hit. Apparently, Scalia reminded the Pope that the reporter dared ask how he could be fair in church-state cases since he was not a godless socialist like the Herald staff. Let that be a lesson in Italian to all of you lefties who would dare venture into a church in broad daylight.