Friday, March 17, 2006

How to Make an Advertisement for Your Political Opponent

First, be sure to put a huge board behind you with a descriptive phrase that is actually far more descriptive of you than your political opponent. Having colors on the sign match your clothing so as to accentuate that it is really describing you is a nice touch, as well.

Hey, I note that the good guys are playing offense again in Iraq. That's good to see.

And in Washington, Sen. DeWine of Ohio has introduced a bill to keep the debate going on the "domestic surveillance" aka "Is it okay to listen to jihadis while they plot to kill Americans?" program. This is a surprisingly smart move by DeWiner, an original member of McCain's Gang of 14.

How a guy named DeWiner, who was separated at birth from this guy, could make it in the Senate is beyond me. But hey, at least he has the good sense to run against Demos.

Have a good weekend. See you next week.

Photo via Drudge.