Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday Musings

Sent to me by a nice Demo in my office today, with a nice little story ... with adaptation by me:

It seems that President Reagan upon reaching the pearly gates was greeted warmly by St. Peter, et al.. Looking down on his memorial service, St. Peter remarked on how grand the entire ceremony was and also how great it was that the country could be brought together in such a time of loss. "It seems, for a time at least, Ronald, that your passing has united all Americans," St. Peter said. "Yes, Pete," the Gipper said with a wry smile. "Even the Clintons are sleeping together."

Of course, that was then. Given that Bill is pushing for the UAE ports deal and Hill is arguing that all ports should be run by American companies (in spite of the fact that the Chi-Coms and others have run American ports for years and that Bill approved such deals, etc.), it may take another big event to bring the Clintons together again any time soon. Stay tuned.