Friday, March 03, 2006

Demos Have Election Year Change of Heart ... Patriot Act Narrowly Approved, 89-10

Remember the filibuster over the "fatally flawed" Patriot Act? By our friends the Demos? You know ... the guys and gals who are worried re: offending the sensibilities of jihadis and those who may wish to communicate with them? Yeah, that's them. Yeah, the guys and gals who are are lathered up about the ports deal, too. Yeah. Principle. Yeah. Okay, the Patriot Act was filibustered a few months ago by Demos and Harry Reid boasted of "killing" it ...

Now it's approved, 89-10. What happened? A floor vote in an election year, that's what. Leftists shrink from accountability and light.

Keep your spirits up out there. All the signs are that the public wants its representatives to clamp down on jihadis on all fronts. If the question is national security, the answer is never "Vote Demo." Indeed, the Demos are swimming upstream. They only behave when they fear the voters are watching. And remembering.

Oh, but some of us are watching all the time. And remembering.