Monday, March 06, 2006

But will the Left push a brick wall over on their Man in a Dress?

By now, most of you in the know have heard of the Yale Taliban. It seems the lad, 27-year-old Rahmatullah Hashemi, is wowing his leftist friends at Yale. Just a few years ago, he was an official Taliban representative (deputy foreign secretary) and spokesman. In his Taliban capacity, Hashemi extolled the virtues of woman-hating and gay-bashing.

Now liberalized, Hashemi opines that maybe, just maybe, women should be allowed to vote afer all. I mean, this is 20th-century stuff here. And you know, when a jihadi fast-forwards more than a millenium, the lefties swoon.

Much of the commentary on this issue points out how the Yale Taliban illustrates leftist hypocrisy. John Fund has a good piece on the subject in today's WSJ, via Glenn Reynolds.

But we know the Left is hypocritical. Or do we? Indeed, one has to wonder how committed the Left is to its various pet crusades. What superficially appears to be "hypocrisy" may be something far worse.

Never mind the fact that Hashemi advocated/approved of anti-Semitism, honor killings, genital mutilation and acid punishment for wayward women ... and crushing homosexuals with brick walls. Leftists still swoon over this unbathed swine.

Why? He hates America. And make no mistake: The Hard Left hates America. Plus, unlike most of these cowards, their boy Hashemi has the guts to do something about it. Heck, he did.

"Get over here, you big hunk of man in a dress." Swoon ... It's a steamy kiss and a revival meeting all in one. The Ivy League has found religion!!

In this sordid episode at Yale, we see again the neat ideological marriage between radically unconstrained, post-modern leftists and Militant Islam. Further, Yale's admission of a former Taliban official displays to all who would but look that the Ivy League Establishment/Left/same thing could care less about its various interest groups, i.e., feminists and gays. These interest groups are only tools to be used to bring down the real enemies -- America and the West. The Hard Left's goals are the same as Militant Islam's: Destabilize the social structure to defeat the Great Satan.

Still, an ironic question in all of this is: How long do you think the jihadis would put up with the Left's idea of sexual mores and women's rights if they took power? Long enough to slit the throats of all the leftists who advocated such burkha burning.

But rather than advocating giving the boot to the Yale Taliban, the Left spends its time beating up on its imagined boogeymen: men who remain married to the same woman all their adult lives ... men whose goal is to be their daughters' hero ... men who support the traditional view of marriage but are not inclined to murder homosexuals with brick walls ... men who open doors for women ... men who are business partners with women, etc. I mean, we're talking threats to the social fabric here.

Meanwhile, the Ivy League/Left/same thing cajoles, beseeches, befriends, and seeks to learn from the sage Yale Taliban:

"Speak to us, dear Hashemi ... Where have we gone wrong, o' great Swami? Tell us just how evil America is. Surely we made you err so. For a person so nice, indeed a man in a dress, can not be so bad. Can he? Ah, but we can forgive. We must. For, America certainly caused all of your missteps. Teach us, o' Wise Yale Taliban.

"Teach us the outer limits of your evil as we likewise explore the outer limits of our own depravity and hatred of the West. Amen."