Monday, March 13, 2006

As I was saying ...

Man, it's hard not to be a prophet with the Left. I mean, they are more predictable than Darrell Royal's wishbone. But at least they're not near as effective.

The latest? Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wis) is supporting a resolution to censure Pres. Bush. Story here. It seems that his Demo pals, especially those up for reelection this year, can't stomach the resolution. What gives? No political muscle to spank the most evil man of the age?

Some observations:

1) Demos have a front guy carrying their water to provide refreshment and motivation to the base. Feingold is also a presidential contender, so he needs the support of the Demo cookoobirds. Remember: To get the Demo nomination, a sizeable number of crazy people have to support you. To win the election, however, a sizeable number of sane people have to support you. This is a tricky endeavor for a Demo, to say the least. It takes a really super politician and liar. You might recall an example from the recent past.

2) More than a little triangulation is under way here, as the Demos figure out how stupid this idea is. Feingold's lead trial balloon floated over and landed in Harry Reid's lap. Reid, though, said he hadn't read the resolution. This is such a lie it's hilarious. The Demos up for election and/or in leadership (i.e., Pelosi) are trying to sound reasonable while Feingold and other safe senators pander to the zealots. Won't work. I just whipped out my big ol' brush to paint all of 'em with the same color, at least on their bellies -- yellow.

3) This misguided effort just makes people rally around Pres. Bush. Plus, the Demos picked an issue (spying on jihadis) on which most people agree with Pres. Bush. They also helped remind people how the Dubai ports story was a diversion only. The Demos just can't be trusted on security. And the Demos really don't like it when America puts the hammer down on jihadis, or heck, even listens to their phone calls. Who reminded us of this? Russ Feingold. Thank you, Cheese Head.

Note: If all of this doesn't prove the existence of God ... conclusively ... then tell me what does.

4) If the Demos win the House this November, there will be a serious impeachment move afoot. Bank on it. They will be emboldened and will argue that all of their anti-Bush rhetoric and venom resonated and gave them the mandate they desired to investigate, investigate, investigate and then ... impeach. They are desperate to get even for Florida 2000, Ohio 2004, and Clinton's impeachment.

The Demos are trying to keep it down, but ... I and my right-wing hachetmeisters will get the word out. Fear not. Plus, if they take the Senate, you can expect more shenanigans like Feingold's and no more conservatives on the courts.

This is what is at stake in November. Thanks again to Russ Feingold for the reminder.