Monday, February 20, 2006

Well, I am heading out for the week ... first to do justice as some wrongdoers are trying to take the property of one of my friends. Then, I head off for a few days to celebrate 20 years of marital bliss.

Actually, this is principally a celebration of the grace that has seen us through. Whew. That many anos may not impress some of you old-timers, but it's a pretty big deal for me. My wife says it's a really, really big deal for her.

It looks like my next post will probably not be until 2/28, barring an unexpected breakaway over the next few days.

So, I leave you with the following question:

What do you call a man who dishonors his uniform, trashes his boss for personal/political advancement, gains accolades from his newfound leftist friends for using the privilege of military service in Iraq to speak out against the war while young Americans are being shot at ... only to find that his leftist Demo friends no longer need him and in fact have sabotaged his grand ambitions because, well, their plans have changed?

You call that man Paul Hackett.

It seems that Hackett is dismayed to find that leftists have no sense of integrity and honor. Are you kidding me? Marines can be dense (I should know), but c'mon Hackett. Leftists are, by nature and definition, radically unconstrained individuals. This is why calling the President a "chicken hawk" or "SOB" qualifies as brilliant political speech to them.

It's a long, hard fall from Sen. Hackett to "Pawn of the Month".