Wednesday, February 15, 2006

For Information Purposes Only

Oh, my gosh. I think the President and Mack Brown just told Norway to go to hell. Next thing you know, there will be Vikings rioting in the streets of Washington and Austin.

If you didn't catch it, the Horns invaded D.C. yesterday to visit with the President and give him his Bush jersey. Note: Putting only the name "Bush" on the back of the jersey in this instance woudn't suffice, because that's also the name of the guy who won the Heisman but not the big game.

In other news ... I note the continued MSM hysteria over the Cheney hunting accident, namely the failure to tell David Gregory promptly. Their hysteria and complete detachment from the real world that most Americans live in becomes more obvious each day.

Am I missing something? Where is the "there" in the MSM hysteria over the Cheney hunting accident?

Meanwhile, rational men of faith attack the diabolical Ron "I am really a statue of Mohammed" McDonald.

I get it. Can't print the Mohammed cartoons or even cover the ongoing story but need to know and breathlessly report on the VP's hunting accident. I see the common principle now.

Note: The pictures of both the President's Norwegian devil-worshipping ceremony and the Mohammed statue are only posted for information purposes only, and are not meant to offend.