Friday, February 17, 2006

Answering the Mail

Julie asked, so I will answer the following questions in the spirit of cooperation. In the rugged American spirit of independence, however, I will refuse to burden a fellow blogger with these questions by "tagging" them.

So, here goes:

4 Jobs I have held in my life --

1) Professional lawn maintenance technician (cut grass)

2) Professional tanner and body builder (worked construction building condo)

3) Professional cheese cutter (Hickory Farms)

4) Professional propagandist (newspaper reporter)

4 places I have lived --

1) Austin, TX. Lived in lots of seedy places here. An island of illusion in a sea of reality.

2) Quantico, VA. Apt. C-4 in the lettered apartments on base. Fantastic place that would have been a lot better but for the presence of The Basic School.

3) Newport, RI. 23 Old Beach Road, a/k/a Per Diem Run Amok ... an incredible place 1/4 mile from the beach. Great town. Birthplace of my oldest son.

4) Oceanside, CA. The streets I lived on were Goldrush Way and Dolphin Drive. Sounds better than it was, though. In fact, other than having a USMC base there, the place wasn't what it is cracked up to be.

4 TV shows I love to watch --

Don't watch a lot on the tube, but ...

1) Special Report w/ Brit Hume ... Good fodder for blogging as well as making sure I have the WH talking points down. Like now, Nancy Pelosi is droning on about the VP's hunting accident as clear and convincing evidence of how sinister the Bush Administration is. She is actually saying that his "shoot-first, questions later" hunting method is instructive of how we went into Iraq. Wonder if CNN will run this.

2) Baseball Tonight on ESPN ... Probably the best sports show on TV. Informative with commentators who actually understand the game. If the panel has Harold Reynold and Dave "Soup" Campbell, it's all good.

3) Whose Line Is It Anyway? ... Something on TV that is actually funny, besides "Prime Minister's Questions". Really talented, funny guys. Wayne Brady's songs and the props skits are priceless. My boys like the show, too.

4) Prime Ministers Questions on C-SPAN ... If you haven't seen PM Blair get grilled, please do yourself a favor (or favour) and watch. These guys and gals go hammer and tong -- with the tongue. Every time a MP asks a question that begins with, "It would be the height of hypocrisy, would it not ...", I just start laughing uncontrollably. The preambles to the questions often last for 30 seconds or more. The insults are priceless. Bring your dictionary.

4 places I have been on vacation --

1) NYC -- Every American should see it, for the good, the bad, and the beautiful.

2) San Francisco -- Speaking of beautiful ... If you can see it but for the flying trash and homeless camps, this Reality-Free Zone is pretty. Best Chinese food in the world.

3) D.C. -- Going back in the next year or two, this time as tour guide for my kids.

4) Destin, Fla. -- Prettiest beaches in the U.S.. If I ever disappear, look for me on the Emerald Coast of Florida.

4 Favorite movies --

I am a sucker for movies with meaning, so ...

1) Any of the Pink Panther movies with Peter "zat is not my dog" Sellers. Funniest movies of all time. Best scene: "And now for ze dismount" from ze parallel bars.

2) Scent of a Woman. Hooyah! When Al Pacino as the ol' colonel says "Hooyah!!", I am officially ready for battle. Great, great movie.

3) Rear Window... Stars Jimmy Stewart, American hero and icon. He's my all-time favorite actor. Terrific plot. From a day when movies could make you think and still sell big. Which coincidentally was also a day when men were men and women were women. Yes, it was the day of Grace Kelly.

4) The Hanoi Hilton ... A movie that captures the esprit-de-corps separating the American fighting man from his totalitarian adversaries. This spirit isn't just hypothetical feel-goodism, either. It wins wars, just like it breaks the spirit of the NVA colonel in the movie. The two most moving scenes to me are 1) when the black POW tells off Jane Fonda and 2) the scene where the POWs celebrate the holidays by sharing a meal and a homily. The brotherhood in this film is powerful because it is replicating on film something that in real life is even more powerful. American brotherhood.

Man, makes me want to rent one of these this weekend.

4 Websites I visit daily --

Do I visit 4 sites daily? Not every day, but ...

1) Instapundit... Really helps me keep a pulse on what is going on in the blogsophere and the world.

2) Fox News ... Not much for content but to keep tabs on big events.

3) Drudge ... Gives a sense of the impact of various news stories.

4) My site ... To know what the best commenters in the blogosphere are saying so that I can get some good material.

4 favorite foods --

1) Anything seafood. I could eat seafood gumbo every day.

2) A good steak. We've got a few good steakhouses (and potential steaks) in these parts.

3) A good hamburger. If you're ever in Texas, treat yourself to a Whataburger. Open 24 hours a day for addicts like me, too.

4) Mexican food in Texas. Santa Fe's is pretty good, too. They can claim real Mexican food, as well, but it's different.

4 places I would rather be right now --

1) With our troops.

2) On a baseball field.

3) Lying in bed reading to my girls.

4) Destin, Florida.

4 new suckers to tag --

If you care to supply your own answers, commenters to any of the above ... Mark, Rhod, Cruiser, Nickie?