Sunday, January 08, 2006

Tough Weekend

The earth spins on its axis and circles around the sun; it just keeps moving. Why do we expect life on this moving orb to stand still? Indeed, this life is moving on. Nothing is static. Bad situations can change, but good ones do.

I am reminded that if we couldn't see the motion, there wouldn't be anything standing still. There could be nothing immutable ... truth, justice, and all the values that underpin all that is good about America and this world.

I am but a small man here, spinning in space. I wish I could stop, or at least slow, the constant change at times, but I can't.

My team lost a beloved comrade and valuable team player this weekend. It came as a shock to me, because I thought we'd have him around for a while yet.

Uh, no ... I'm not talking about Vince Young. Vince is great, but hey, he just plays football.

The teammate I am talking about is my blogbrother and cohort in conservative crime -- Nickie Goomba. Nick announced that he is shutting down his blog for the time being, much to the dismay of his adoring fans and blog friends.

His unique blend of humor, information, and inspiration will be sorely missed. Nickie Goomba is a powerful messenger for America and her way of life.

I hope he is all right, and that he circles around the sun and returns to us. Yet, I know that he would, like all good teammates, want us to keep up the fight in a tumultuous world where Western Civilization is under assault.

So, saddle up. Let's move out.