Monday, January 30, 2006

News Flash: Cave Men Design New Language, Win Spelling Bee.

The MSM continues to breathlessly report about the Hamas victory in the Palestinian parliamentary elections. Taken for granted, of course, is that Pres. Bush is responsible for this horrific result. Furthermore, if you listen closely, you can discern that some are asserting that the victory of the terrorists shows the limits/problems with the Bush Doctrine.

Some seem to suggest that the WH might have to deal with/recognize a terrorist state because its representatives won an election.

I don't think so.

The touchstone of the Bush Doctrine, as I understand it, is freedom. You can certainly have a majority vote against freedom. In such a circumstance, then we get what? Democratic totalitarianism? This hardly necessitates diplomatic relations.

Pres. Bush should continue to explain that our mission is national security, and this is fostered and complimented by freedom. Freedom is antithetical to terrorism, which requires dictatorial control and support to survive. Militant Islam, the ideological engine of Hamas and its ilk, needs totalitarianism like free people need oxygen.

In sum: An electoral majority does not a free society create. Ask the Iranians.

Maybe some one in Washington could mention all this.

Further, the fact that anti-Semitism and ignorance are rampant among Palestinans should come as no surprise. I still recall Palestinians cheering after receiving word of 9/11.

Indeed, the two-ton gorilla in the room that no one outside the New Media seems to be talking about in all of this is the following question: Will Islam face its own internal problems that have, until American intervention, prevented democracy from working throughout the Muslim world?