Wednesday, January 25, 2006

It's National Security and the Courts, Stupid

You may recall that a few months ago, the Demos were preparing to take Washington by storm.

Now, though, the nation has been reminded that it remains in peril, and SC vacancies have caused Lefties to crawl out from under their rocks in the light of day.

There's some interesting reading out there detailing what is at stake and how badly the nation needs the Demos to be defeated. Although the Republicans have their RINOs and assorted problems, RINOs are still the exception. On the other hand, DINOs are not too bad. Are there any, other than Ben Nelsom and maybe Lieberman? The parties' exceptions point the way to the rules that should drive voters. And the Demo Rule is this: Kennedy, Schumer, Byrd, Leahy, etc., are the Demo mainstream. And if they are in power, we are in peril. Period.

As for the commentary about the iceberg off the bow of the USS Demo, check out this excellent analysis by John McIntyre. Bottom line: Demos have overplayed their hand and are about to have their heads handed to them by Darth Rover.

Next, have a look at Dick Meyer's take on the Demos' intractable problems. Per Meyer: The Republicans have a simple, clear message that hasn't changed since 9/11. And, oh yeah, they have lots more cash. It seems that Chairman Dean hasn't been much help here. A few less tasteless insults of the American majority might help, but hey ... he's a Leftist Democrat.

Finally, we are seeing the very positive development of more Leftists/Demos coming out in broad daylight to tell us what they really believe. If you have taken all of your prescribed medications for the day, take a look at Joel Stein's piece in the LA Times. In his piece, Stein admits what some of us have been arguing for a while: The anti-war Left doesn't support the troops. But at least the non-patriot is consistent; Stein calls anti-war troop supporters "wusses". Kudos for that scud, even if it did come from a wuss.

And kudos to Stein, too, for coming out in the daylight. Like their vampire kinfolk, Leftists/Demos/same things shouldn't come out in the daylight.

Especially in a wartime election year.