Friday, January 06, 2006

As the world turns, reality returns ...

Yes, it appears so. It's been an enjoyable week here in the Lone Star State. I see that things in the rest of the world are pretty much the same. Do I still care? You bet I do. Still, the respite of Longhorn football has been most appreciated here, as it was by the 101st Airborne Longhorn fans who were piped in at halftime during the Rose Bowl. Where were all those USC fans over there, by the way? Ah, another rabbit trail.

So, you bet I care and I enjoy my Longhorns in their win in "the Biggest Shootout". I enjoy them in the same way that the country marveled at and enjoyed the immortal Blanchard-Davis duo during WWII. For the free and the brave, life goes on.

But it is different. We lost 11 young men yesterday in Iraq. The Democrats are on the prowl again, seeking to derail a presidency at all costs. Israel's political life rests in the balance with that of PM Sharon.

In Iran, "president" (I think this is Iranian for "Head Jihadi Smack Talker") Ahmadinejad says that he wishes that Israeli PM Sharon would die. But wait, I thought Sharon and the other Israelis already didn't exist. No? Meanwhile, Pat Robertson says that the stroke is God's wrath for dividing up Israel.

Oh, my. Well, a couple of quick thoughts about this: First, the Law of Nature dictates that there never seems to be a shortage of ignoramuses with access to large audiences. Questions regarding biblical interpretation aside, I always get suspicious of people who can explain the lives of others with certainty. I think the Bible says that only God can do this.

Still I have a question: Are Robertson's opinions more representative of Christianity than Ahmadinejad's (I'm afraid I am going to have to learn to spell this name) are of Islam?

And here's another, yes a different, question: Are Robertson's opinions more representative of Christians than Ahmadinejad's are of Muslims? Hmm.

But the MSM doesn't ask these questions. They simply report the inanity of Robertson side by side with the insanity of the Jihadi Smack Talker-in-Chief in their efforts to paint evangelical Christians as no different than Ahmadinejad and his ilk. Pretty clever, but some of us understand.

Robertson has been wildly spewing ignorant commentary at an ever-increasing pace of late. It seems indicative of a dwindling audience to me. He purports to speak of what the Bible "undisputably" claims about Israel's metes and bounds today, but he fails to provide the scriptural references. His ego combined with his ignorance means that he should be kept from all microphones. Yet, the same ego and ignorance magnetically draw him to the mike. Count your blessings that at least he is not in Washington. He wouldn't stand out there, though.

Wait, breaking ... I see that Robertson has apologized. You be the judge as to whether it is sincere or not.

More to the point, though, here is another question that the MSM won't ask, but I will: Whose comments, Robertson's or Ahmadinejad's, are more evil? Who wishes that the Israeli PM were dead? Who is unwisely trying to explain why PM Sharon is near death?

So, the MSM's efforts at distortion aside, here are the facts: Like me, most Americans are friends of Israel. And like me, most Americans and most Christians don't believe that there is one immutable biblical boundary for Israel today. Notably, if Robertson were consistent, he would be urging an Israeli attack in pretty much all directions to get Israel back to Old Testament boundaries.

Also, most Americans instinctively know that jihadis like Ahmadinejad are dangerous to the world. Robertson, though, is harmless, except for how his wild statements hurt the reputation of Christians.

Ahmadinejad speaks for an army of "holy warriors". Robertson does not.

But this is too complicated for the geniuses in NY and LA who used to define it all for the masses.

Yes, it's a complicated world out here. It's not for the unthinking. So, back to fooball.