Thursday, December 01, 2005

More Programming Notes ... Important Stuff

Okay, Comment O' Year entries are closed. You people wear me out, and I can't keep up. You have already made the award post difficult enough.

And ... lurker extraordinaire, "centrist" type, and all-around good guy Jess has asked me to participate in a discussion/debate with another former military type re: the Iraq war, et al. The other guy, I think, is a Lefty, of course. I believe it will be Travis.

The format is ... Jess sends questions, and we respond. He posts the responses. First post to be up by 10 p.m. CST tonight (allegedly).

Since Jess asked, I agreed.

A request from me: Since some of you are combat vets and have family/kids that are, also ... not to mention the fact that you wield a mighty and mean keyboard, please come on over to Jess's place and comment away. As always, be nice and respectful and remember that the Left may not recognize our weapons ... those would be fact and logic. But never underestimate the power of standing up for what is right. I know you don't.

The first question from Jess is about our military experiences ... how and why we joined, what we did, effects on us, etc. So, tune in for some heretofore undisclosed DC dope. Those of you that don't know already ... I am no war hero. History didn't call. I was just a Marine. That's good enough for me, though. Also, I don't think my experience as a Marine gives my opinions on matters of national security (or anything, for that matter) any more weight than some one who did not serve in the military. I am sure that some will find this surprising, and I am skipping ahead a bit, but ... just a preview.

And warning ... there is a young hiney on Jess's site, and I am not talking about the guy I am supposed to be debating.