Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Jack for Senate!

My lab Jack, as a puppy class graduate earlier this year, is more than qualified to replace well over half of the Senate. Plus, he does what we tell him most of the time. If RINOs can be there, why not dogs?

After only one vote against (Feingold), now the Demos have blocked a vote on the Patriot Act, with the assistance of four RINOs: Hagel, Murkowski, Sununu, and Craig. But what's changed on the Patriot Act? No attacks here since 9-11, but now all the Demos but two align against the Patriot Act and rail against supposed infringement of liberties and tapping jihadi-connected overseas calls. Again, what's changed? Only the calendar. Farther removed from 9-11 and the hot cauldron of an enraged and focused electorate, the Demos have reverted to their true form and are pandering to their base.

I realize they have a few "Republican" accomplices, but the Demos have the numbers for their mischief without any Republican help. And ... replace Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy and their ilk with Republicans, the RINOs will play ball.

As the session draws to a close, we also have the Senate debating spending cuts and the defense bill, to which the Republicans have attached an authorization for ANWR drilling in Alaska.

I like the Republicans' moves, because it looks like some one whispered in the their ears to start acting like they are in charge. They are forcing Demos and weak-kneed RINOs to vote against a defense bill for the sake of ANWR (excruciatingly clever ... listen to Harry scream), vote against spending restraint, and and to stand up for al Qaeda's rights and against the Patriot Act.


All of this remind us to be honest in our assessment of the opposition ... always. But don't misoverestimate them. After all, the Left needs only the chance to show its true colors to lose.