Monday, December 12, 2005

Democrat Triangulation Makes a Comeback

I have watched with amazement over the past few weeks and months as Democrats have claimed "disappointment" and "disagreement" with the unceasing insanity that sprays wildly from the mouth of DNC Chairman Howard Dean.

Democrats of all stripes, even Nancy Pelosi and super-shill Bob Beckel, have repeatedly distanced themselves from Dean's "unfortunate comments", at least in public. We like our party chairman, so the story goes, but we just wish he would get a handle on his comments. They try to portray him as a guy who speaks before he thinks. Oh, it's just too bad. "Don't do that again, honey? 'Kay?"

Methinks they doth protest too much. More to the point, I think they are lying.

What Dean is doing is simple: He is rallying his base. Why? Recall that his primary job is to raise money. The majority of the Democrat base is now comprised of anti-American, fringe left-wing lunatics.

Now, this might offend the sensibilities of some of you, but consider the evidence. What is The Daily Kos, any way? Besides being a boiling pot of anti-American venom that openly roots for American defeat in Iraq, it is also one of the most powerful forces in the Democratic Party. And who is Michael Moore? An extremist who is not part of the Democrat mainstream, you say? Perhaps this is why he was seated next to Pres. Jimmy Carter at the Democratic National Convention last year? And how about George Soros? Another extremist, or the number one Demo financier? Al Gore? Off his rocker base-igniter, or the former VP who was nearly elected President? (I know, to the all-fringe-all-the-time crowd, he was elected in 2000.) Ted Kennedy? A disgraced extremist who has aided the enemy in two wars, or the "Conscience of the Democrat Party"?

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the faces of the base.

The base of the modern Democratic Party thinks America, especially America's military, is not a source of good in the world. In fact, they would secretly like to see the French humble America, if the truth be told. They find religious American conservatives more of a threat to the world than al Qaeda. They believe that Pres. Bush is more dangerous than Saddam Hussein. They are threatened by 30-second non-sectarian prayers before football games, and they labels as "haters" those who would defend traditional marriage from assault.

Well, maybe they don't believe all of this, but all we can go on are their actions ... or their omissions.

Let's take Iraq. Where is the outrage, any way? Joe Lieberman stands up and says we are doing the right thing in Iraq and winning. And the Demo long knives are out. How come? Is it bad for a Demo to root for American victory on the battlefield? Is this "un-Democratic"? Judging by the reception that Joe has gotten, one could conclude it is.

The truth is that Dean gets loose and says, "We won't win in Iraq", and most Democrats quietly cheer. Oh, how they love it. "That's our boy!! Go, Howard, go!!" So what if young some Americans get killed by an emboldened enemy. So what if our troops are demoralized.

How come the the Demo base loves it so? Because they believe Dean may hurt Pres. Bush, whom they view as essentially the anti-Christ. Their hatred of him is not rational.

Is this what it's come to?

The Democratic Party ... the party of FDR and JFK ... is now openly rooting for the enemies of the United States?

No, you say, it can't be. The Democrat leaders say they don't approve of Howard Dean's treasonous rhetoric, after all. And make no mistake about it: Taking actions that aid the enemy in a time of war is, in fact, treason.

But I've got a question for the Demos: Dean's still got a job, doesn't he? And why is that? Can you imagine Ken Mehlman making such outrageous statements and not being held accountable by the Republican Base? It would be unthinkable.

But, to understand this, just remember the principle job of both party chairmen -- to raise money.

And the Democrats have made the conscious decision to appeal to their base, even potentially at the cost of American lives on the battlefield. Yes, this is what comments by the Deans and Kennedys lead to. But they can't admit it, because it would be electoral suicide. Thus, the triangulation.

To the modern Democrat Party, though, it's worth it. It's money. It's potentially votes. And it hurts Bush. To hell with the country.

I hope I'm wrong and they fire Dean. But I fear they won't. The base of the Democratic Party will get what it wants.