Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

As we pause to give thanks, I want to wish the best to you and yours. This is a great holiday, albeit it might be awkward for those who don't wish to remember to Whom we are to be thankful.

That would be God. Indeed, this is a Christian holiday, and we remember those hearty, first New Englanders who stuck it out to make it to the first Thanksgiving. And they endured all manner of hardships to come here simply because they couldn't worship Christ as they saw fit. Amazing.

Around my house, I talk to my boys about thankfulness. Here is my "speech" that both recognize:

Every morning when you get up, you have at least three things to be thankful for:

1) Your eyes opened. Every day, indeed every breath, is a gift from God;

2) As a Christian, you are blessed beyond measure and have the opportunity to know God and live this day for Him. Each breath of each day has meaning; and

3) You are an American, and this means that you are among the most blessed people in the history of the world, just by virtue of this fact alone. You have before you the freedom and opportunity to make the most of every breath and every day. So, do it.

No whining allowed. Be thankful.

As for me, not to whine but ... it's hard to relax and eat a great Thanksgiving meal when our young troops are on patrols all over Iraq and Afghanistan as we speak. I will be thinking of them, and my family will pray for their success and safety.

And we will thank God this new generation of American warriors is carrying the torch to protect American security and advance freedom. They are the best.

Happy Thanksgiving every one.

See you next week.