Monday, November 21, 2005

Friday Night Courage in the U.S House: Only 3 Demos proudly grab the white flag

After being gone this weekend, I am having fun looking around at the left-wing reaction to the 403-3 blowout in the House of Representatives on the "Cut-and-Run" Resolution. The Kossacks are whining that the language was different than that put forth by Rep. Murtha last week.

Oh, my. Has the Party of FDR really degenerated to such a state? Are you kidding me? They need a new "party of" slogan, something catchy. Maybe we should rename them the "Party of Is /Isn't/Depends/Are we voting on this, or what?" .. or "Cut, no Wait" ... or "Will the last principle out the door please turn out the lights?"

Friday night's House Resolution contained the key phraseology from Murtha's, namely, the words that make the Demo/Left's heart sing: "The deployment of U.S. forces in Iraq is terminated." Come on, now. Wouldn't every Kossack joyously proclaim victory from the mountaintop to have the U.S. House vote that we should bring our troops home immediately? Have I been missing something? And don't all Ted Kennedy afficionados want to end the Iraq "quagmire" right now? I mean, if it's a quagmire, it shouldn't last one more day, right? No, I guess not.

So, are we now to conclude that the Demo objection is to leaving Iraq? Do they want to stay until Iraq is secure, just like the Republicans do? Or are we to believe that with a "rapid reaction force over the horizon" that all Demos would have voted for the resolution? Well, as of late last week, Nancy Pelosi would only say she was "intrigued" by Murtha's idea. She wouldn't say she was for it, of course. But you could sure tell she liked it. Rather, she liked it "out there", but she never imagined having to go on record on the concept of an immediate withdrawal. Oopsies.

I mean, I thought the American public was down on the idea of our troops being in Iraq? No? Oh, just the Demo base. Will some one please get Pelosi and Co. a political consultant in here?

Rhod called it, and I think he's right. The Demos are just looking for a political advantage to a drawdown that is surely coming. Complete withdrawal now is not what the Demos want ... in spite of what is routinely batted around in the rubber rooms of Kos, the DU, and their ilk in the left-wing blogosphere.

Why? Because Friday night's vote shows that withdrawal doesn't work as well politically as the constant battering of Pres. Bush. The American public doesn't want to cut-and-run like the Demos would clearly like to.

The plan by the Demos, their not-ready-to-be-viewed-by-the-public base notwithstanding, is to use the Iraq War as a hammer to weaken Pres. Bush, and by extension, Republican congressional candidates for '06.

Never mind the fact that this political strategy might get American fighting men killed.

The Friday night massacre reminds us that the Demos can't win legislatively. The can't say who they are because it is electoral suicide. This is why they hide behind procedural tricks, imagined scandals, and an unelected oligarchy of robed lawyers. They lose whenever they battle in the open arena of ideas.

Good luck, Demos, in explaining the "nuance" of your vote next November. Don't worry. We won't tell.

All of this is a good illustration of why I stay pretty optimistic. I know that eventually the Left is going to have to come out in the sunlight to face the truth and the music.

And there I will be waiting with the rest of the band.