Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Confronting Pres. Bush

The great Mark Steyn weighs in with a new column discussing the confrontational nature of the Bush presidency. I commend it to your reading, as it is vintage, insightful and witty Steyn. The following passage caught my eye:
The lesson of every contest from the 2000 election to the abandonment last week of Harriet Miers's Supreme Court nomination is that, as Michael Barone wrote in the Wall Street Journal, "Mr Bush can count on being firmly, and more or less unanimously, opposed by the Democrats, and he can succeed only when he has the strong support of the Republican base".
It seems the Bush Administration has awoken from its slumber to realize the foregoing. It's a good thing.

Indeed, the Left won't let the Democrats refuse to fight, even if it is the equivalent of their Pickett's charge. You have to love this. The "Move On Money Machine" is fired up and has already signed up over 200,000 people as anti-Alitos. This is what happens, Demos, when you make friends with, take money from, and yes, make up your political base with, extremists. They want payback, even if it destroys you.

So, the Left is saying that Pres. Bush "caved" the the "radical right" in withdrawing HM. This is, of course, laughable, as Schumer and Co. were sharpening their knives for hearings that were designed to embarrass Pres. Bush and cripple his presidency. Meanwhile, the Left is demanding Demo senators fight Sam Alito to the bitter end. They will fight to the bitter end all right.

Please, please, please filibuster, Demos. I know you don't want to take my advice, but I am just trying to be helpful.