Thursday, October 13, 2005

Unbelievable ...

I have tried/wanted to keep an open mind after initial shock and disapointment over the Miers nomination. The confidence of my former professors Marvin Olasky and Lino Graglia gave me some pause. Meanwhile, I have withstood the inane, vapid arguments in favor of the nomination (don't worry, just trust ... it'll be okay) combined with and attacks on the conservative base by certain Miers supporters.

Our ol' buddy Hugh Hewitt supposedly comforts conservatives by saying that Miers will be like Potter "I know it when I see it" Stewart. Beam me up. This is too much to take. Is this real, or is is "Harriet Potter"?

Does any one have the transcript where Pres. Bush promised nominees like ... Potter Stewart? What?!

No more. I am opposed. No turning back.

Miers' defenders have tried to explain her apparent disdain for my beloved Federalist Society (I let my membership lapse long ago, but I am renewing now), which to me has been a huge red flag. Well, this a.m., Drudge has the scoop.

I guess the court reporter is lying ... or a sexist ... or an elitist ... or disloyal ... or ... never mind.

Harriet Miers, it is time for you to do the loyal and right thing. Please withdraw.