Monday, October 10, 2005

Perseverance. Pays. Off.

Around these parts it was an amazing sports weekend, and it was a welcome diversion from the Miers mess. In case you don't care about sports or didn't have power this weekend, all that happened around here was that the Astros rallied from 5 runs down in the 8th inning to defeat the Atlanta Bills in the greatest and longest playoff game in the history of baseball.

My venue changed througout the afternoon, but this incredible game was a constant. I listened to it, watched it, listened again, watched again, and finally listened to yet again, as Chris Burke's dramatic homer ended it in the 18th inning. Winning pitcher Roger Clemens threw in relief for only the second time in his career. Pitching on only two days rest, the Rocket was money as he threw three scoreless innings.

Now, on to the long-awaiting NLCS rematch with the Cardinals.

I don't deserve such sports satisfaction, but on Saturday the Longhorns also blasted Oklahoma, 45-12, thus ending the five-year reign of terror of the Great Satan. It really wasn't even that close, folks, and further amplifying my joy, GS himself was denying reality and making excuses afterward, claiming that a second-half interference call that nullified an OU interception "really was a turning point." Of course, the hapless Sooners were only down 24-6 at the time and didn't surpass 100 yards of offense until midway in the 4th quarter.

What am I doing to deserve such bliss? Opposing the nomination of Harriet Miers, right. Oh, yeah ... More on that in a bit.