Tuesday, October 04, 2005

More Miers: Gasp!! There's a Naked Person in the Room

The crowd (albeit small) cheering the Miers nomination is like the people cheering about the infamous Emperor's new clothes. Erick at confirmthem.com hits another long drive out of the park this a.m. Read his post.

Here's the money quote:
Several Senate aides I spoke to have said their particular bosses are livid over the nomination. “There were better candidates with better qualifications,” said one. Another feared that the Democrats and some Republicans on the Judiciary Committee would seek to undermine Miers’ credibility through their questioning. “She has no foundation that we know of in constitutional law. Her credibility will be nitpicked apart and that will hurt the President and us,” said a Republican Judiciary Committee staffer.
For the Republican-first-at-all-cost crowd who has not been paying attention for the last 20 years, there is a huge, important debate over the role of the judiciary in this country that has been needed since Robert Bork was destroyed in 1987. The Roberts hearings did not provide this opportunity, because the Demos wisely backed away. Every one knows that the real battle is with the next nominee. That is, the next nominee will carry the standard. Yet, Pres. Bush has strangely put forth a stealth nominee whose credentials are questioned. These are legitimate questions, too. Thus, even if Harriet Miers were the person to wage this battle -- and I doubt this -- she will have lost it before it has begun.

Yet, some are complaining at those of us who gasped at the sight of the naked emperor. The Democrats know. In spite of their initial warm statements (and why wouldn't they be so warm with such an easy target), they are trying to destroy this President. He has thrown them ammunition to do so. Friends like me protested and "gasped". Now, we are the problem?

The first Pres. Bush foolishly believed the Demos when he "cooperated" with them in raising taxes. The current Pres. Bush will get savaged by his enemies as well if he doesn't wake up soon and withdraw this nomination.