Friday, October 14, 2005

If you think conservatives are outraged over the Miers nomination ...

Take a look at evangelicals. This fascinating Pew Research poll shows 54% conservative Republicans in favor of the Miers nomination, while only 43% of evangelicals support the nomination. Another 41% of evangelicals have no opinion and the rest are like me ... opposed.

Now, this is interesting, is it not? I was lamenting over at the absence of a press in this country. So, I guess it's up to bloggers like me to analyze this (that is, until Sen. McCain shuts us down ... and I should add with the help of the signature of the WH on the affront to free speech known as "Campaign Finance Reform"). But I digress ...

So, what gives? Well, it is pretty simple, but frankly it helps to be one of "them" to understand. Recall Clarence Thomas? He was overwhelmingly disapproved of by the black community. Why would only the second black man to serve on the SC be viewed so unfavorably by the black community? Simple. He is a conservative.

As for Miers, the same analysis applies. Most evangelicals are conservatives. Miers may or may not be a conservative, but she has no demonstrably conservative judicial philosophy. Additionally, most evangelicals don't support special favors or quotas. So, they don't approve of a nomination just because "one of them" was nominated.

Add on top of this the fact that a number of prominent evangelicals have spoken in favor of Miers and the poll numbers are even more striking.

Why is this not news? Well, the MSM knows less about evangelical Christians than say, I know about curling. But I will tell you what ... it is fun to watch, and those Minnesota girls can move that broom likkety-split. But seriously, the MSM is too busy doing self-congratulatory analysis pieces on how the Republicans are cracking up and how many Senate seats will be gained by Demos in '06. They are missing the boat ... again.

And prominent evangelical bloggers such as Hugh Hewitt are too busy selling the WH line: "Trust me. Be quiet. Wait. Be loyal now. Don't you know the sky will fall, the country will be destroyed, and evangelicals will revolt if she is rejected?" This is laughable, and it was made more so by Pat "Hit Man" Robertson joining in the chorus. Pat apparently got the WH memo on the subject. Just yesterday, Pat threatened all out warfare (another "hit"?) on any Republican senator who dared vote against Miers.


Oh, my. I just have to laugh. You know, I know evangelicals. I know me. The truth is that most of my Christian friends are just scratching their heads over this pick and saying things to me like, "Huh?" or "What in the world is he thinking?"

Even evangelical supporters of Miers such as Dr. James Dobson are tepid and wary. The news just keeps dripping out, and it is not good. Further, it appears that the WH told Dobson that other candidates had backed out, and thus Miers was offered the job (i.e., "please accept loyal Harriet; she was the best we could get after all those meanies bailed on us"). Meanwhile, the WH denies this. So, Dobson is fibbing?

If you want a slice of informed, incisive analysis from an evangelical perspective about the Miers nomination, check out Concerned Women for America's position statement on the Miers nomination. It's the best-written analysis of the nomination I've seen ... anywhere. You go, girls. Like me, they are a lovely bunch of sexists.

CWA is still officially undecided, but they haven't read the "Miers' papers" yet (from yesterday's NYT), and this statement was issued before it was learned that Miers waxed eloquent about the perniciousness of the "overly-political" Federalist Society (put your hands over your hearts when you read that name, dear reader).

As for me, I've got my smile back on ... There's a deep satisfaction in standing up for what is right, because no matter the ultimate outcome you've already won.

P.S. Say a prayer for the Iraqis and our troops this weekend. All people of goodwill everywhere should be pulling for a successful election and for success in Iraq.