Monday, October 03, 2005

His WH Counsel Harriet Miers?

What? Are you kidding me?

In case you are wondering ... yes, I am shocked and completely disappointed. Unless some one somewhere knows something huge that I don't, there is no way to spin this pick for SC by Pres. Bush other than a huge mistake.

And perhaps a betrayal of those of us who have worked so hard to elect him President ... twice.

A justice like Scalia? Thomas? Please.

Harry Reid approves of her? That makes me feel better.

I am going to gather some more information before giving my final answer.

But this morning I am saying: This nominee should have been Judge Edith Jones. And Judge Jones' age (56), thought to be a liability, is not when compared to the 60-year-old Miers.

By all indications, a terrible pick. Worse than that, a pick based upon no qualifications but only cronyism. And don't blow smoke in an orifice not intended for such a use by telling me she is the best person for the job. Jones, Luttig, Alito, Corrigan, McConnell and Garza are out there ... and we get Miers? What?!

At least the spineless Republicans in the Senate preserved the filibuster. I may filibuster this pick.

Update: Still steaming ... here is a comment of mine over at

"Pres. Bush, who seems to understand the need to stand and fight on the international stage doesn’t get it on the domestic front. ... His enemies will be emboldened and his friends … it’s inaccurate to say they will be depressed … they are completely deflated. Why fight for this crap?

When you have the Senate, the House … had, I should say … unbelieveable. Maybe this proves that the parties are really no different as some have been saying."