Wednesday, October 26, 2005

He feels our pain

Jim Caple must be a Houstonian. How else can you explain his ability to perfectly capture the pain of George Jetson Dog fans? Check out this poignant sample:
Houston waits 43 years for a World Series game and this is what the fans get? They endure four decades of painful seasons, heart-stopping playoff losses and some of the ugliest uniforms ever worn -- and this is their reward? They enter the ballpark for the first World Series game ever played in Texas, wearing all manner of retro-jerseys, killer bee costumes and 10-gallon hats with expectations so high that only NASA could measure them -- and this is the payoff? A Series record five-hour, 41-minute, 14-inning, babysitter budget-busting game in which Houston blew a 4-0 lead with its 20-game winner on the mound, stranded 15 runners, walked 12 times, gassed the pitching staff ... and lost 7-5 to the White Sox on a two-out home run by a former Astro to slide to the brink of elimination?