Thursday, October 27, 2005

Good Morning All

Harriet Miers withdraws. My initial response? This was a dignified, smart, and classy move by her and the White House. I wish Ms. Miers the best, and also I am hoping and praying the White House gets the next pick right. Perhaps I will have more later on this whole ordeal. I feel badly for Ms. Miers, but frankly she shouldn't have been in the situation she was in. Mostly though, I am proud to have stood with many conservatives in asking President Bush to stand by his campaign promise.

And it is only fair that the WH and Miers get credit for righting this today. Plus, it looks like perfect political timing (in advance of any indictments coming from Fitzgerald). So maybe ... just maybe ... the WH is back in the game. They have my applause.

A home run ... Which the Astros could have used last night. A disappointing ending to an incredible run, and further a loss that ended my bid to be in the seats tonight for Game 5. But ... it was a great ride. And I am proud of Brandon Bakke, the kid from Galveston, who pitched the game of his life in the game of his life.