Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A friend like Nathan

Speaking out about/against/skeptically about the Miers nomination is for me somewhat like Nathan confronting David.

So, I am prophet? Hardly. My point is: I remain a friend and supporter of the President. But he made a mistake here and a biggee -- even if Harriet Miers is a Thomas or Scalia (which I still doubt).

Many of the President's most ardent supporters -- that would be conservatives like me -- are up in arms and fit to be tied. Now, we read that Republican staff lawyers on the Senate Judiciary Committee are participating in the revolt. The First Lady clumsily and, yes, outrageously deals the "possibly sexism" card. Miers supporters threaten political Armageddon if we don't toe the line; Miers opponents threaten Armageddon, as well.

Sounds like if the confrontation continues, it's going to be Armageddon either way, no? So, this is how we get the big "fight" over judges ... not with the Democrats, but with conservatives? Oh, the irony.

Indeed, the mother of all confirmation battles, a battle that will sap the President of whatever fading political capital he may have left, looms. And no matter the results, all will be left feeling like losers.

So, what to do? How can Armageddon be avoided in a way that preserves the integrity of all concerned?

I have a suggestion. Caveat: Please ignore the following suggestion, unless you believe Harriet Miers is the only confirmable person in America who would fulfill the President's promise to nominate justices in the mold of Scalia or Thomas. Oh, wait ... I forgot. Tex. Sen. John Cornyn, who knows her well, says "she is no Scalia or Thomas". Scratch that. Okay, here's my suggestion to avert Republican Armageddon:

Maybe it's time for Harriet Miers to be a true friend to the President and tell him the hard truth: This pick is an honor and I thank you. But it's not helping your agenda, our party, or the country. I withdraw.