Friday, October 21, 2005

Before I go ...

The Evil that is a Political Prosecution

The above photo is Tom Delay's mug shot. I love Delay. Uh, Demos, about that "Mug Shot Ad Campaign" ... on to Plan "B".

Delay has an interesting strategy: Taking on political adversaries head on and winning. Thus, he faces his current political prosecution. He will beat the rap, though. Know why? There's no "rap" to beat, as his "crime" is understood only in the minds of McCainite zealots and/or the most partisan of partisans. I mean, what did he do? He reversed what the Demos had been doing in Texas for 100 years and help land additional Republican congressional seats. Oh?

Meanwhile, in Washington, the Bush Administration awaits word of whether indictments will be issued against Karl Rove and Scooter Libby in yet another political "crime". But ... I thought if we made nice with the Left that they would make nice and not try to destroy us? Well, Virginia, there is a Hard Left, and they will never forgive Pres. Bush for not being one of them and daring to successfully use military force against the enemies of civilization.

All of you Demos/Hard Lefties that are cheering these political prosecutions might take a deep breath and ask if you really think a free society can afford to go this way. The guy in the over-size crib in the Baghdad courtroom used to go after political opponents by utilizing the "scales of justice".

This is where such deplorable tactics ultimately take us.

Free societies don't criminalize political opposition. For long, that is.

This is why you need judges committed to an consistent application of the governing law. This is why a judge's commitment to a faithful interpretation of what the text says is more important than a judge's predilections.

And speaking of judges ...

The Miers Nomination Continues to Flounder

Recall that this brouhaha was supposed to fade after a couple of days as conservatives "got in line". Some one forgot to read the memo: Conservatives are not Demo-like, Bill Clinton-worshipping shills. They could have asked me, but ...

The hits just keep coming. If you haven't made it over there yet, check out Today's Wall Street Journal calls the pick "a political blunder of the first order". Charles Krauthammer continues to, well, hammer. The Godfather has weighed in with another devastating column. The Shadow Bush Guru Dick Morris is also piling on. More is on the way.

The key here that is lost on Miers proponents is that this is not about the strategy or style of the two camps. This pick stinks now, and it will continue to stink. When you have a bad argument, there are just so many ways to dress it up. It's hard to fool a large number of people over an extended period of time. It is particularly hard to fool smart, committed conservatives. The longer this goes, the worse it will get for the Miers camp.

Hugh Hewitt, the QB of the Miers team, is desperate and continues to fire Hail Marys into the end zone. In this post, he attacks Judge Bork and incredibly again asserts that the Miers opposition (for those not in the "know", the BWAE is the "Bos-Wash Axis of Elitism", and conservative evangelicals like me are apparently part of it) has anything at all to do with anti-evangelicalism. I think Hugh misses Judge Bork's point: Miers' sentiments about abortion are not the issue. The issue is how she will rule as a judge, and we have no idea on the only issue that really matters with a Supreme Court justice -- her constitutional jurisprudence.


We need to know how they view the Constitution, not what their personal preferences are. Show us the money, i.e., the judicial philosophy in action, before a SC appointment was contemplated. Pardon me, but doesn't a conservative judge promise to put aside his or her personal preferences to faithfully rule on the case before him, any way? Indeed, we want to see for ourselves and know that we are getting a true judicial conservative on the bench, some one who will be as faithful to the Constitution in 20 years as Scalia and Thomas are today.

Hugh further seems bothered that Judge Bork noticed that Pres. Bush's record has been a disappointment to many conservatives. If Hugh can not acknowledge this point, then his weak throws will continue to spiral/wobble downward ... out of control and with no available receiver to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Party matters, Hugh, but it's not the only matter. I mean, if it were the only matter, then all the Senate RINO's would certainly play ball and vote for a real judicial conservative. Right? Well, liberal and conservative matter, too.

Finally, you know it is getting bad for the Miers camp, when she has started to blog to promote her nomination. If you haven't seen it, check out Miers' blog. It's actually pretty good.

See you early next week.