Monday, October 31, 2005

Alito for SC!

I know Goomba will probably object to having another conservative Italian nicknamed "Scalito" on the bench, but the President is set to nominate Judge Samuel Alito, Jr. of the Third Circuit to be the next SC justice.

More details throughout the day at Me? I gotta work.

My reaction? Very pleased with this superb pick. Kos and the Demos are already apoplectic, and that ought to tell you something. Recall how they just came unglued when Harriet Miers was nominated? Me either. The Demos are making noises about a filibuster. Bring it on. They will get their heads handed to them.

Alito is a brilliant guy, and he is superbly qualified by any standard. In fairness, the media gave him the "Scalito" nickname, and there will probably be some differences in process/methodology between him and Justice Scalia. But he is a solid conservative by any objective measure, and he has been on conservatives' short lists for a SC vacancy for years. He is affable, extremely well-spoken, and will make a fantastic appearance in the committee hearings.

How the WH can swing so wildly from Harriet Miers to this nominee is beyong me, but ... I am not going to complain. This Edith Jones fan is fully on board.

I have to chuckle at those who said the President would pout and nominate Alberto Gonzales, or some other "moderate" type in the wake of the Miers debacle. I knew it wouldn't happen. Thank you, Pres. Bush.

Now, the fight is on. This is a fight we knew we were going to get any way. Now, at least, we have a nominee worth fighting for, and some one who can carry the banner of original intent. Now, the troops are on the beach.

Let's roll.

P.S. Very rude of me. I almost forgot: Happy Halloween, Demos. Boo!!