Monday, September 05, 2005

The Perfect Storm?

Well, looks like I will be out of pocket for the next couple of weeks or so, except for minor, brief updates at most. Great timing, huh? I mean, there's just the biggest natural disaster in US history, the confirmation hearings of John Roberts, the death of the Chief Justice, and, oh yeah, a war going on. I am not heading for R&R, however. Duty (as in the kind that pays me) calls.

And to keep tabs on the hurricane relief, et. al, just check in with Nickie Goomba. I understand that Nick is readying his magnum opus post: "How the Tsunami was really a Christian Soldier". But seriously, check out Goomba for all news here and in Italy. Nick will be reporting live from California.

So, since I will be out, let me give you the Cutter line on these subjects.

The Battle of New Orleans

The Bush haters have been salivating for so long to find something ... anything ... to bring down Pres. Bush. I have held my fire until now. But they've gone too far, and it's time to take them on.

The Ray Nagin Memorial Motor Pool is how the Junkyard Blog describes the picture above. Check out his post and see just how many buses that Mayor Nagin left in the water. Now that the New Orleans rescue operations are largely completed, perhaps we can start answering the questions of those who complained so loudly, like Mayor Nagin.

And check out this fantastic Texican analysis of the New Orleans finger-pointing. JR is right on.

And I am with John Hinderaker, who says that the truth about the scurrilous attacks upon the Bush Administration in the wake of Hurricane Katrina needs to be told.

Question: What does it say about some one who would capitalize upon thousands of deaths for political gain? To me, it says at a minimum that they can't be trusted with the power they crave.

In the hurricane aftermath, our attention and efforts should be principally focused on people and getting the Gulf Coast up and running again. And, in that regard, consider these most eloquent words written about this human tragedy by the incomparable Rhod:
The sweep and scope of this terrible thing is to be reminded of how complex, and fragile, all of our lives are. I look around my realm here and see columns and piles of things, but only a few which matter. None of them is waterproof or permanent but my life would be barren without them. I'm blessed to have them, and can do without the rest if anyone else needs it.

For countless thousands, even something simple like a prescription, or a single family photo of an immigrant grandmother, down to mortgage documents, a child's band instrument or a 3rd grade popstick and yarn dream catcher, a favorite book, a family bible, a lovely but annoying calico cat or mongrel dog, indeed maybe a spouse and all those helpful or irritable neighbors, are gone forever. Your life swept clean but scuffed, stained and water-marked forever in ways visible only to you.

The prattle and incessant yowl of the MSM on the agonies and loss are an intrusion upon the only way we can understand this misery, this churning horror and bottomless grief, and that is by making yourself aware of what was lost to others by measuring it against what you have. Then you can really give in the way you're supposed to give, fully aware of your surplus and the hollowness of want a thousand miles away or across the street. I won't do it as long as my hands are full and grabbing for more.

The Battle for the Supreme Court

With the Roberts' confirmation hearings set for September 6, the death of CJ Rehnquist will likely cast a large shadow over the hearings. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. Some Demos are already arguing for a delay. Shock.

I thought all along that the Demos would argue that a dual vacancy itself was an "extraordinary circumstance" justifying a filibuster. Thus, I believe that the decision was made by Rehnquist to hold off on retiring until Roberts was confirmed. Now, the Demos may be tempted to go to war over the Supreme Court even more. If they get ugly with Roberts, he will publicly annihilate the Demo buffoons on the Senate Judiciary Committee. It would be such a mental mismatch that it would likely make the Demos yearn for the good ol' days of the Oliver North hearings.

My prediction is unchanged: I think that Roberts will be confirmed. I also think the President will nominate either a conservative Hispanic or woman to fill the next vacancy. Actually, I think he is going to nominate Edith Jones. I hope so. Roberts could become the CJ then. Or maybe Jones. Stay tuned.

The Battle Against Militant Islam

Let's not forget that this war takes no storm holidays. I understand that Katrina has been "knighted" a holy warrior by some Big Shotty Jihadi. I wonder, though: Must a female-named storm wear a burka? I didn't think the jihadis took women warriors. I guess when you get your butts kicked on every battlefield there is, though, you take what you can get.

But seriously, the President has his hands full as the Iraqi constitution is yet to be approved and the Baathist-jihadi alliance still continues to stir up trouble. Note that the enemy is losing, though. I know it pains the MSM to admit this, but it is true. Still, there will be tough days and weeks ahead. The domestic turmoil will make finishing the mission in Iraq even harder.

So, you want to be president? Rather, you should want to be a blogger.

I predict that Pres. Bush will rise to the occasion. He has before. Plus, many people of goodwill are going to make the obvious conclusion: When in recent history has any president had to deal with so much? People will naturally rally behind the President when he leads from the front.

He needs to tack right on judges ... on immigration ... on the war ... Explain where he is going, and the people will follow.

So, is it a "Perfect Storm"? Maybe so, but there is a difference here. That is, the Demos/Left/same things are not mere passive observers while President Bush and his team try to tackle this seemingly intractable set of problems. They've got to get in the water, too. And their positions ... on government management, judges, national security ... are not winning positions.