Wednesday, September 28, 2005

One Day Moratorium on McCain Bashing Called

As the High Potentate of "Blogs for McCain's Opponent", my conservative bona fides and credentials should be unquestioned by now. For those not in the know, please take a look at the glorious post that started this noble endeavor.

I take my "leadership" of this mighty coalition of 45 yes 45, free-thinking, conservative blogs seriously. So, please understand that the following advisory is not given lightly:

There will be no authorized bashing of Sen. McCain for the next 24 hours.


It appears that Cindy "A Li'l Wind & A Li'l Rain" Sheehan ... met with Sen. McCain (now, why in the world he would ever do such a stu ... stop. Almost slipped.) and after the meeting Sheehan pronounced McCain a "warmonger".

Unconfirmed reports indicate that McCain, blood vessels bulging, screamed "anti-Semite!" and broke a chair over Sheehan's head.

Developing ...