Friday, September 02, 2005

Bad is Easier but Good is Stronger

The title of this post reflects truths both about the way God made human beings and the world. And thus, it encapsulates my thoughts in the midst of the Katrina relief efforts and aftermath.

Looters rampage. The sick get sicker. People die. Relief efforts bottled up by confusion and lawlessness. Pundits complain, while others inexplicably demonstrate their fallen nature by trying to score political points in the midst of the chaos. Our gift from Germany after the hurricane was a pronouncement by their "environmental minister" about how we should stop causing global warming. How do you say "thank you" in German, any way? Does it sound anything like, "You started WWII"?

It's harder to be constructive. That's why that when you consider the relief effots efforts underway, there is reason for hope.

I emailed my pastor this week with an idea that I learned about on Hugh's site -- adopting a local church in the New Orleans area to coordinate relief efforts. "Great idea," my pastor responded. But it was already underway. Later, I got another email from our youth director taking a head count for people who would be available over the coming weekend to participate in helping with Katrina relief.

Many Americans you will never hear about just want to do something to help. I went to a meeting of small business types yesterday morning. Hurricane relief wasn't on the agenda, but it became the topic. One man who builds homes is heading to Louisiana this weekend with a crew. Another woman alerted the local Red Cross of the hundreds of Louisiana residents who are filling local hotels in the Conroe, Texas area. Another man said his boy scout troop and others were opening up their campgrounds. Directions were given to donate clothes locally. A group email is forthcoming to coordinate further efforts. Here in the Houston area, it goes on and on ...

On the radio ... I learn that Houston-area apartment complexes are being challenged to donate at least 10-15 apartment units to Louisiana residents. That's right ... donate.

On the way home, I check out the talkers on the radio. Hugh is talking about how bloggers are making a positive difference (see my post below). He also informs me about a crew of medics from Alabama that is plucking seriously-ill children out of New Orleans by helicopter and saving their lives. At least four children, and probably more, will live because these heroes took the harder road.

Inexplicably, I change the radio station. Why do I do this? I hear that old screaming, blind squirrel -- Michael Savage. Yesterday, he was railing about how we need to cap gas prices and "cut off funding" to all illegal aliens, uh, to help in the hurricane aftermath. I am sure that the people on the Gulf Coast would be heartened by these suggestions. Now, if he had a plan to give some illegals' jobs to Louisiana residents (actually that's my plan, and it is constructive), then I would be all ears, but ...

Today, Savage is just railing and he says every one is bad, those trying to coordinate the relief efforts, that is ... especially and inexplicably the Administration, according to this "conservative". ... Why weren't the feds on top of the New Orleans levee situation? Michael Chertoff is an idiot for giving out a web site that details HOW TO GET AID TO PEOPLE WHO NEED IT!? Little Savage's mother had to tell him that blacks were not less than human? ... What?! Why do I do this? I am not any more. Click.

Complaining and carping is easier. I am discouraged again as I pull into my driveway.

My 8-year-old daughter meets me. She has a pad in her hand. On it is written some numbers (a couple are backwards, but I can make them out). "Dad, they said here's where you can call to give money to the people in the hurricane. It's the Red Cross."

Bad is easier, but Good is stronger. Don't doubt it.

My daughter's name is Hope.