Monday, August 08, 2005

A Quick Update ...

Jihadis pleading via leaflets in the Sunni Triangle. Where is their man Zarqawi with an inspiring video any way? Success reported in Mosul. A very under-the-radar "Operation Quick Strike" last week along the Euphrates River. Complaints from terrorists of poor leadership.

Of course, there are more fights and plenty of bad guys left, but ... we appear to see momentum here. All of which was lost in the MSM's breathless reporting about the 20 Marines killed last week -- evidently as part of the initial phase of Quick Strike.

The New York Times reports about 5 days after Quick Strike opens -- that it's on. Thanks for the update, folks. But, if they had been reading Belmont Club, they would have known both that it was on and what it meant. Meanwhile, this guy is providing the best combat reporting going right now.

Another benefit of this War on Militant Islam may be the quickening obselescence of the the MSM. Bring it on.

I will be back tomorrow or Wednesday with ... yes, I think ... the exciting conclusion of "Burglars in the Neighborhood".